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学术论坛 - Pedro Albertos 教授与 AlbertoIsidori 教授圆桌会

近日,来自西班牙瓦伦西亚理工学院的Pedro Albertos教授与来自意大利罗马大学的AlbertoIsidori教授在控制系智能系统与控制研究所进行学术交流访问,期间分别开设了《MIMO ControlSystems: Modeling, Analysis and Design》和《Topic in Robust and Nonlinear Control》的短期课程,受到控制系师生欢迎。

Prof. Pedro Albertos和Prof. AlbertoIsidori,均是IFAC(the International Federation of Automatic Control) 前主席,IFAC Fellow,是控制领域的顶级专家,对控制理论与应用均有深刻的理解。为了给广大师生提供更多与两位大师面对面交流的机会,我们决定组织一场讨论会,邀请两位大师分享科研、生活趣事,共话控制明天!具体活动信息如下:

活动主题:Control Renaissance - 与两位大师共话控制明天

活动时间:2015521日星期四 上午9:30-10:30


Pedro Albertos, past president of IFAC (the International Federation of Automatic Control) in 1999-2002, IFAC Fellow, IFAC Advisor and Senior Member of IEEE, is a world recognized expert in real-time control, leading several projects in the field. Full Professor since 1975, he is currently at Systems Engineering and Control Dept. UPV, Spain. He is Doctor Honoris-Causa from Oulu University (Finland) and Bucharest Polytechnic (Rumania). Invited Professor in more than 20 Universities, he delivered seminars in more than 30 universities and research centers. Authored over 300 papers, book chapters and congress communications, co-editor of 7 books and co-author of Multivariable Control Systems (Springer 2004) and Feedback and Control for Everyone (Springer 2010), he is also associated editor of Control Engineering Practice and Editor in Chief of the Spanish journal RIAI. His research interest includes multivariable control and non-conventional sampling control systems, with focus on time delays and multirate sampling patterns.

Alberto Isidori, obtained his degree in EE from the University of Rome in 1965. From 1975 to 2012, he has been Professor of Automatic Control at this University, where is now Professor Emeritus. His research interests are primarily in analysis and design of nonlinear control systems. Author of several books, among which the highly-cited book Nonlinear Control Systems and of more than 110 articles on archival journals. Recipient of various prestigious awards, which include the Quazza Medal of IFAC (1996), the Bode Lecture Award from the Control Systems Society of IEEE (2001), the Honorary Doctorate from KTH of Sweden (2009), the Galileo Galilei Award from the Rotary Clubs of Italy (2009), the Control Systems Award of IEEE (2012). Fellow of IEEE (1996), Fellow of IFAC (2005), corresponding member of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (2012). He has been President of IFAC in the triennium 2008-2011.

短期课程 - MIMO Control Systems: Modeling, Analysis and Design

西班牙瓦伦西亚理工大学的Pedro Albertos教授将于2015年5月份在浙江大学控制系进行交流访问,并开设短期课程《MIMO Control Systems: Modeling, Analysis and Design》,具体信息如下:

1. 课程信息
课程名称:MIMO Control Systems: Modeling, Analysis and Design
授课教师:Prof. Pedro Albertos
Instituto Universitario de Automática e Informática Industrial
Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain
上课地点:智能系统与控制研究所(教十八) 304

2. 课程报名方式
登陆金数据网址进行预报名 https://jinshuju.net/f/v7LbTo

【Pedro教授网络课程】此外,Pedro Albertos教授在网上开设有视频课程《Dynamics and Control》,介绍有关系统、控制的基础概念及其对人类的影响,对理解控制工程很有帮助,可作为短期课程的补充阅读。届时Pedro教授也将提供该网络课程的视频资料,有兴趣的同学也请关注。网络课程网址: