Speaker: Dr Qun Lin, Senior Lecturer, Curtin University, Australia



Abstract: Scheduling support vessels is a critical issue in the offshore oil and gas industry. This talk introduces a mixed-integer linear programming model for designing an optimal vessel schedule to complete prescribed cargo delivery and off-take operations. The model involves various constraints including vessel capacity constraints, base opening hours, and facility commodity demands. For real problem instances, solving the proposed mixed-integer linear programming model is extremely challenging due to its massive dimension. We will discuss heuristic procedures for generating an initial feasible schedule; this schedule can then serve as a good starting point for commercial optimization software packages such as CPLEX. Our experience shows that providing a good starting point is essential for solving large-scale problem instances arising in practice. We have applied the proposed optimization model to investigate real vessel scheduling scenarios in the Australian North West Shelf Project.

About the Speaker: Dr Qun Lin was awarded a PhD in applied mathematics from Curtin University, Australia in June 2009. She then spent one year at the University of Melbourne as a postdoctoral research fellow, before returning to Curtin University in 2010. Dr Lin is currently a senior lecturer in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Curtin, where she teaches computational mathematics and actuarial science. Dr Lin’s research interests include granular materials, optimal control, numerical optimization, operations research, and the theory and applications of partial differential equations. She has published over 30 international journal papers in these areas, many in prestigious international journals such as Automatica, Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, Physical Review E, and Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids. Dr Lin has served as a guest editor for the Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization and has collaborated successfully with Woodside Energy Limited, Australia’s largest independent oil and gas company.