ZJU’s aerial robotics team (ZMART) won the First Prize of the International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC) this year again in 2017. ZMART received the First Prize as well in 2016, and its performance in 2016 was considered the target level for all IARC teams in 2016 to beat in 2017.

Quota from the last sentence of the 2016 IARC Technology Readiness Level: The team demonstrating this level of performance in 2016 was Zhejiang University. …. Zhejiang University has currently set the performance level for all IARC teams to beat in 2017.

According to Robert Michaelson (the creator of the IARC from Georgia Tech), ZMART created the best record of IARC Mission 7 since it was released in 2014. ZMART was successfully to build a fully autonomous drone (shepherd) to drive three ground vehicles (sheep) back the safety region (sheepfold). Comparing to last year, ZMART’s drone showed a great improvement in broad region vision and perception capability, machine decision, etc.

ZMART featured in media, including,