From MIPS to Vicsek: A comprehensive phase diagram for self-propelled rods
Xiaqing Shi – Center for soft condensed matter physics and interdisciplinary research, Soochow University

Self-propelled rods interacting by volume exclusion is one of the simplest active matter systems. Despite years of effort, no comprehensive picture of their phase diagram is available. Furthermore, results on explicit rods are so far largely disconnected from those obtained on the relatively better understood cases of motility induced phase separation (MIPS) of (usually) isotropic active particles, and from our current knowledge of Vicsek-style aligning point particles. In this talk, I will present a complete phase diagram of a generic model of self-propelled rods and show how it is connected to both MIPS and Vicsek worlds.

施夏清副教授长期从事活性物质/自驱动体系的理论研究。目前,关于细胞集体动力学、细胞骨架自组织及活性粒子拓扑缺陷动力学等研究工作已发表在《Nature》、《PNAS》、《Nature Communication》等高水平学术期刊,相关工作长期以来得到了国家自然科学基金以及苏州大学软凝聚态物理及交叉研究中心平台的大力支持。