ZMART / Sailing Got the 3rd Place of WRSC 2018

World Robotic Sailing Championship

“The 3rd place of WRSC 2018 Micro-sailboat class goes to Zhejiang University! As first time participants, the made their boat within 2 months. Well done and congratulations!”

Congratulations to the ZMART / Sailing Group!

New Definition, New Vision and New Missions for ZMART

After several years explorations and research in robotics, we currently have new definition for ZMART, which was named in 2012 as ZJU’s Micro-Aerial Robotics Team when we first attend the IARC (the International Aerial Robotics Competition).

In 2018, we organized two more groups to attend the other two exciting competitions, including the ICRA 2018 DJI RoboMaster AI Challenge Overview and the 11th World Robotic Sailing Championship.

Based on the new activities, the BLUe Lab is going to give a new meaning for the ZMART, ZJU’s Micro Agents and Robotics Team. Then, ZMART / Aerial / Ground / Sailing represents different teams corresponding to IARC, DJI RoboMaster and WRSC, respectively.